The Suzerain of Dreams

A compilation of short stories and poetry. A book by a dreamer for dreamers.

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Suzerain = a sovereign or state having some control over another state that is internally autonomous

Dream = something notable for its beauty, excellence, or enjoyable quality

What it Contains

Just a couple of things the book has.


There are two versions of this book. One is digital and all that entails. Meanwhile the 2nd is a paperback and small transportable.

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Every last bit of this was hand drawn and made by myself. So it's a little rough and tough but it's got a big heart for plenty of dreams.

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With almost 100 pages worth poetry there is a plethora for everyone to pick and choose something that they like within.

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Artist, Writer, Poet

Brogan Wassell


Brogan Wassell

He’s an all around artist, maker, doer. Favorite book is “Fathers and Sons” by Ivan Turgenev and his favorite movie is “Inception”

Where to Get it

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  • Pretty Much its the book in a digital pdf format.
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Physical Copy



  • A physical copy of the book because why not.
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A Few Excerpts

so you can get a taste ...

A love unrequited. No trance befall. To see unknitted. Rather Beat and Maul.
Un - Requitted
To work beyond and strive well. Late at night and to the bell. Herself unseen to any eyes. Soft voice to lead away from lies.
Me and My Muse
The two sang a duet of deep love. Life brought together from God above. Notes wrought in life in great harmony. These are the true sounds of Armoin.
In these reveries the sun sets never. With the perfect rule to last forever. Streets sown in quiet perfection. Crafted with undying affection.
The Suzerain of Dreams
With soften colored billows. Getting caught in the gales. Spread soft over the sky's pillows. I love to look at their sails.
On An Island
His appearance is not uniformed with beauty. Nor shackled with hideous banalities. But the mask of his puckishness. Defends his noticing from near or afar.
The Invisible Man

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